Artist Statement

My quilts are big abstract compositions, a coalescence of myriad shapes and colors which create big dynamic forces and counterforces. During the construction process they are collages; any piece can be moved freely.

I can’t think of any other art form that is as ritualized as quiltmaking with its measuring, cutting, piecing, pressing, and final quilting (the stitching pattern that holds top, batting and backing together). I enjoy the slowness of this process, and I slow things down even further by being highly deliberative about just which color and which shape goes where. I change and add and subtract major and minor elements throughout a 5-month to 1-year process.

I love letting my eyes play over the seemingly infinite grid of a quilt-in-process. Little patterns and big patterns heighten each other and fall into place against each other. This ideal world of gorgeous color and rhythmically playing pattern allows me to express what seem like my deepest yearnings and deepest truths. To try to put a few words to that, the quilts are about our place in the cosmos, the rivers we flow along with, the thrills of our senses, and all the feelings of being human.